Stream/Mobile Device Help

Stream/Mobile Device Help

This page is for those having trouble listening to the stream. Always try the normal popup and file alternatives on the righton the top of the main page or the Viewer page, since if we make any changes to the system, these are updated immediately.

Please read through this page to attempt to solve any problems you may have, however, if you need to contact someone directly regarding the stream services, please send all stream service related questions to Nash.

Our radio system dynamically assigns every listener to one of multiple stream servers. We use multiple servers so that a single server outage does not affect all listeners, and also for load-balancing and maintenance purposes.

If you save a direct link to one of our servers and anything changes, your link will be out of date. If you do wish to save a link on your system for our station, please choose one of these ones below. These links below will work for dynamically assigning you to a currently working server, every time, and are the officially supported links to listen to our stream.

These links should open directly in VLC, iTunes, or any other streaming media player.




TuneIn Radio

Everfree Radio is also available on TuneIn Radio in multiple bitrates. Your first step should be to download the TuneIn application for your phone, start it up and search for “Everfree Radio” in it. You will then be able to select from multiple bitrates depending on what suits your connection.


If TuneIn doesn’t work or is not available for your device, here are some instructions for specific devices.

iOS Devices

Simply open one of the above links directly in mobile safari, and the stream should play.

Android Devices

There are a number of Android apps which can play our stream, some specifically created to play Everfree Radio. None are official, and we do not provide support for them. Contact the creator with any questions or issues.

Everfree is an android app which plays the radio stream, implements some of the radio features such as voting, and also features video and chat.

Everfree Player is an alternative android app which plays the radio stream and implements some of the radio features such as voting and playlist.

My Little Hub is an android application that was created with the ability to play our stream in the application.

XiaaLive is another mobile application that can play our stream, however, you will need to manually type in the stream address above the first time you wish to listen, and save us as a favorite.

Nokia N8, possibly other Symbian devices

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the “Internet Radio” application. It’s available from the OVI Store.
  2. Download one of the “listen.pls” files: 80kbps, 128kbps or 320kbps.
  3. Open it from the main memory, or from the folder where you downloaded it.
  4. It should now open with the “Internet Radio” application.

Thanks to @JulianBaileyi on Twitter for the information.

Sony PSP

  1. Download and install PSPRadio.
  2. Download one of the “listen.pls” files: 80kbps, 128kbps or 320kbps.
  3. Place the .pls file into the “playlists” folder.
  4. Play the now installed playlist.

Thanks to yardpl on Everfree Chat for the information.

Xbox Media Center

An addon to play Everfree Radio in Xbox Media Center is available on GitHub. It is not official, contact the developer about any issues.

Other devices

See if you can find an application that plays a “Shoutcast” or “pls” stream. Try downloading/opening the playlist files, and see if they open in anything.

If the previously listed dynamic links don’t work, you can try some of the other URLs below directly in your application. These are direct links to the servers, and the actual raw file streams in some cases.

These do not go through the dynamic assignment system and are subject to change at any time. If something goes down or changes, you will have to manually find another link to a new server. These are not normally directly linked, but some applications may perform better with these:


If you find a way of listening on a device not listed above, please send instructions to Nash, so they can be added here for others to use.