Everfree Radio

Everfree Radio

Everfree Radio is the audio channel, accessible using the Everfree Radio box on the righton the top of the main page or the Viewer page. Easiest way is to open the popup player which uses Flash, though a secondary player which is supported by some browsers loads if Flash is not available. Alternatively, you can download a file which can be opened by an external player such as WinAmp, VLC or iTunes.

If you are on a mobile device and neither of these options work, or are having other issues, please see the stream/mobile device help page.

Everfree Radio is available in the following bitrates:

  • 80kbps, for low bandwidth/mobile devices.
  • 128kbps, for most computer speakers/headphones (used by popup player).
  • 320kbps, for high quality sound systems.


Everfree Radio broadcasts some of Everfree Network’s audio only programs. As the channel’s focus is primarily music, the programs may be live track premieres, live DJ sessions or prerecorded music segments. For more details about programs which air on Everfree Radio, see listing below.


When no programs are running on Everfree Radio, it plays an automated selection of music from and related to the Friendship is Magic community, in line with the channel’s content policy. To keep up with what’s playing, use the playlist page.

The selection process is partially randomized but also interactive, as it allows you to request tracks that you want to hear via the request page. Furthermore, you can vote tracks up or down, affecting their rating.

Tracks with higher rating will play more often, while tracks which are rated at -15 or less will not be played at all. This way, listeners decide what tracks should play and not play, providing a stream more suited to their tastes.

If you really like a track, you can favorite it so you may find it easily for requesting later using the favorites page, as long as you are logged in.

The list of tracks available for play is updated regularly with new tracks. To see what’s been added recently, visit the new additions page. You can also submit suggestions for tracks to be added if you think we’ve missed any using our suggestions page.

Everfree Radio as Mobile Web App

For iOS (iPhone/iPad) users, the popup player can be saved to the Home screen and used like an app, with custom icon and loading screen. Just open the popup player and follow the instructions on how to add a website icon to your Home screen on iOS.

On Android devices, the Everfree Radio popup can be added to your Home screen as a bookmark with a custom icon. Open the popup player and follow the instructions on how to add a website icon to your Home screen on Android.


If you have an inquiry related to…

  • …programs on Everfree Radio, contact Final Draft.
  • …technical aspects of the Everfree Radio player on the website or the automatic music selection system, contact Nash.

Programs on Everfree Radio

Fridays 16:00

Everfree Radio

Join in as Nightmare Moon assumes control of the stream, preaching Lunar superiority and taking brony track requests from our chat room.

Saturdays 13:00

Everfree Radio, Recordings

Eastern Sounds is a 2 hour live mix of brony dance music scheduled for European timezones. You can catch FrozenSound live on the decks every weekend and on one random day during the week!

Saturdays 18:00

Everfree Radio, Recordings

Mixology is a 90 minute brony dance party hosted by DJ One-Trick & DJ Midli spinning the best and most awesome in electronic music by the talented Friendship is Magic community. Dance, house, techno, dub and electrostep; it's all here and it's comin’ at you strong!


Everfree Video, Everfree Radio, Recordings

Everfree Events provides live coverage and recordings of many brony conventions, charity events and also features unique track releases events with Friendship is Magic community artists.


Everfree Radio, Recordings

A State of Brony is a trance, house and electro brony music set featuring original music inspired by the show, based on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance.